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Headfucked Psychedelia

Tono from demobaza.com has created these VJ loops from her artwork back in the days, and some of them are our all time favourites we love mixing in at the darkest moments of the night. Now we've gathered them and remixed few more to produce this 20 loops VJ album.

This video is a sequence of all the loops just for preview only. The preview music is from James Holden's mix at Sonne Mond Sterne.

Queer Techno

A collection of 20 AVS presets created by the VISBOT artists which we selected for the Bangkok's Queer Techno nights, recorded in HD and edited into perfectly looping vj loops.

If you haven't used AVS before you should know that when you can it is always better to use it for live performances as it adds the real-time reaction to the music and rhythm which loops can never replace, but the loops can open these beautiful graphics for anyone without the computer power to smoothly render them live. On VISBOT's site you can also download hundreds of other eye-watering presets and you even can remix any of them till you drop!

The music for the preview video is from Les Ziris - 2008 Fainst DJ SET Minimal Techno and the tracks are: 12 - Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (mstrkrft rmx); 13 - Dusty Kid - The Kitten; 14 - Anthony rother - Don't Worry (Xenia beliayeva).

Winter Bugs

We came upon Ana Gomez's Winter Bugs made from tree sticks and we loved them. They inspired us to animate them in 20 calm spaced VJ clips. Ten black and white and ten in strong colours.

Most of the clips are perfect loops and all are good for keying and overlaying. In the preview video all VJ clips are queued together, 24 minutes in total watch in full screen with HD turned on as beauty is in the details.

You can also see the original Winter Bugs from Ana Gomez and contact her on Behance or on her website.

The music in this video is from Scateren by Esem. Download it at dot.cult.bg/esem/scateren/

Salad fingers

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These spooky and trippy but yet silly clips are from the cultish online Salad Fingers cartoon. Good for overlaying (keying) as they have good few flat colours. Some throw caption texts on the screen as the guy's speaking random weird stuff.

Music track for the preview from Trace - Kiss and Run.

Shinobi manga black and white

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Ryosuke Tei has created this unusually styled Shinobi manga short that is great for VJing. And so we've turned it into 20 loops, all quite rhythmic and perfect for keying.

The preview music is: Slam - This world (Phil Kerian remix)

Motion patterns - Disco pixel blinks

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We love patterns so we've compiled these moving pattern clips from remixing some old loops with Resolume. They all are perfect loops with blinking-from-black and fast motion so they are be good both for keying them on top for some rhythm or using them as wallpaper patterns of other keyed visuals.